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KSK Printings invests in Indus Print ERP

Headquartered in Malaysia, KSK Printings was founded in 1994 with a capital investment of Rs Rs 3,00,000. The company was established by K Sivakumar in an 800sqft shop, located in Penang Island.


The Millennial Mantra:
Sachin Dev Sivakumar

Sachin Dev Sivakumar, director of operations at KSK Printing (M) in Penang, Malaysia tells Charmiane Alexander that he believes, 3D printing will revolutionise the world


Youngest Printer in Malaysia :
Sachin Dev Sivakumar

During the Awesome Asia Meet held in MITEC, Sachin Dev Sivakumar, Director of Operations was recognised as the Youngest Printer in Malaysia by FAPGA.

09 Apr 2021
29 Jul 2021
04 August 2022
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